Pioneering AR and VR


Multi pitch recognition 

Our in house ML models can estimate pitch and extract chords from audio streams, on the fly, in realtime.

Object pose estimation

Our proprietary models can estimate the 3d position and orientation of real instruments from a single photograph. The algorithms are trained using a mix of real and synthetic data, and can work with reflective surfaces and repeating patterns.


Motion synthesis

We've developed new machine learning algorithms that can synthesize novel and kinematically accurate 3d musical performance from raw audio files, for the use in education and AR / VR.

Our Work

3D Animation Pipeline

Our tools can perform advanced full body and hand inverse kinematics to fit the same 3d musical performance to different avatars. Our tools can also analyse, compress, clean and time-remap 3d captured musical performances using complex algorithms and machine learning.

Music notation rendering, in 3D

We've built a rock solid notation rendering engine, that can be used to display music scores in 3D and inside virtual environments, including AR / VR.

World’s largest library of 3d performances

We've built an in-house 3d motion capture studio and spent years doing all the pain staking work of capturing, cleaning and labeling 3d performances for the world’s most popular and iconic musical pieces, and from genres including classical, pop and jazz. 


AR Pianist

World's first app that let's you experience interactive 3d piano concerts in AR and VR. Featured by Apple on the front page of the App Store.

Piano 3D

Piano 3D is a revolutionary AR Piano learning app. As featured by Apple on the front page of the App Store and at Apple Retail Stores

Player Piano 3D

Chosen by Apple as App Store Best of 2017 in the AR category

Meet The Founders


Fayez Salka, M.D.

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Medical Doctor, Musician, Software Developer

 and 3D Artist.


Anas Wattar

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BCom Graduate from McGill University, Software Developer and 3D Artist.


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Montreal, QC, Canada

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